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Let Go of the Anger

If I've learned anything through my herpes journey, it's to let go of the anger. I cannot change my diagnosis. And being angry about having herpes will not make it go away. Instead, I changed my perspective about how I approach love and relationships. You should too. You can and will have a fulfilling love life. Be patient. And be kind to yourself. Love yourself first and the rest with fall into place. With self-love comes coping with the new normal. Then, you will be in the right head space to disclose to someone worth your time, energy, and love. It can and will happen. You may feel panicked about whether you'll find someone--slow down. Even if you don't feel okay right now, you will. Take it minute by minute, day by day. Breathe. Say, "I have herpes and I love myself and I will be okay." This is how we survive and thrive with herpes.