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Talk to Others with Herpes

We're all in this together. Talking to others living with herpes can be healing. Generate positivity in yourself by loving on others. Share a kind word to someone hurting with his herpes diagnosis. My words to you are a kind of pep talk to myself as I have my up's and down's too. However, encouraging others is therapeutic in itself, especially because I am speaking the truth! We are more than herpes. We are badass, beautiful, loving, deserving men and women. And no minor skin condition is going to get in the way of having the love, relationship, job, children, and life we want and deserve. We aren't any less or any more than anyone else. The Herpes Hub is a place to build each other up, to encourage, to inspire, to forgive and to love each other and ourselves. Share some encouraging words to someone in need in the comments.