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What's that Tingle? Prodromal Symptoms of Herpes

A tingle. A shooting pain. In your legs, your butt cheeks, or anywhere in your nether region. It's distracting. It hurts a bit. But it is your body telling you an outbreak is coming, so listen up. Everyone's outbreaks come for different reasons, or no reason at all sometimes. Your outbreaks may be caused by stress, poor diet, lack of exercise, or a multitude of other reasons. Mine come with my period, so I set a reminder on my phone for the same time each month to start taking my suppressive therapy. Sometimes, though, my body sets off its own alarm: prodromal symptoms, such as shooting pains in my butt cheeks. Down go the pills and heaps of water because an outbreak is coming my way. Even though these symptoms may be annoying, they are an important signal caused by the activation of the virus living inside you. These pains mean it's on the move to the surface. You'll need to take extra care of yourself right now. If you choose to take Valtrex, or another therapy option, talk to your doctor about the appropriate dosage to decrease the likelihood of an outbreak. For me, I take 500 mg days leading up to my period. And then when I feel the outbreak is increasing in intensity, I increase to 500 mg twice a day. Please note: I am not a doctor. You need to consult him or her about what is best for you. Next, relax. Take time for yourself to destress. Take a nap, get some extra sleep, or meditate. Be sure you are eating good, full and nutritious meals. This is not the time to eat poorly or deprive yourself of key nutrients. I take a multivitamin as well as an extra selenium supplement, per my doctor. This is supposed to boost my immune system. I'm not fully convinced this supplement has helped me, so I plan to discontinue use after I finish the bottle. Another treatment I use is Australian tea tree oil. When I sense an outbreak, I use a cotton swab of this oil and slather it on the area I get outbreaks. Not only does it soothe the area, it also reduces inflammation and decreases the severity of the outbreak. My suppressive therapy medication and tea tree oil are the kryptonite to my herpes outbreaks. And, of course, remembering to love myself because I am more than this skin condition, and I'm worth all the love in the world.