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You Are Not a Charity Case

Oh, you are so much more. You may have recently disclosed to someone who is accepting of your diagnosis. Maybe your relationship status has moved from single to in a relationship. Perhaps it's gotten more serious, and you've had sex for the first time since becoming herpes positive. Maybe you're feeling appreciative, thankful, relieved, or, even, in debt to this person. Don't. You aren't a charity case. Remember what I've been telling you? You are more than herpes. You are perfect (ok, none of us really are, but play along) just the way you are sans herpes. Your personality, your quick wit, your charm, intelligence. It was always there before you contracted herpes. So, what's changed? You have an annoyance here and there. You may have to take meds, be more careful during sex, but the person deep down, your heart, it's the same. If anyone makes you feel like they've sacrificed to be with you, ditch him. Say goodbye to her. And by all means, do not stay with someone just because they accept your diagnosis. There are plenty of people out there that are understanding, compassionate, sympathetic, kind and open, and do not stay with a person that doesn't value you for the full picture of what you bring to the table. xxhhre.